Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of an Indian Wedding in Hawaii?

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One of the first and most common consideration for planning an Indian Wedding in Hawaii is “How much will it cost”? To get an answer to this question very much depends on th following factors:

  • What sercices you would like included?
  • How many guests will attend?
  • Have you already selected which Island you’d like the event to take place?
  • What type of venue are you looking for (a temple, a beach resort, a private estate, etc) ?
  • What is the date of the wedding?

Not-withstanding the above variables here is a rough idea of how much you can expect to spend:

  1. Minimum cost is $1,800.  This includes:
    • Venue Fee
    • The Vivaha Ceremony
  2. Average cost is $25,000 – $35,000. This includes:
    • The Vivaha Ceremony
    • Wedding Coordinator Fee
    • Venue for 40 to 50 Guests
    • Accomodations for 2 to 3 days at a Hotel, Resort or Private Estate
    • Decorated Mandap
    • Simple Baraat Procession
    • Video and Photography
    • DJ
    • Garlands and Floral Decorations
    • Hair, Makeup and Mehndi
    • Reception Lunch or Dinner for Guests
  3. Larger Wedding cost is $60,000 – $80,000. This includes:
    • The Vivaha Ceremony
    • Pre-wedding Ceremonies
    • Wedding Coordinator Fee
    • Venue for 100 to 150 Guests
    • Accomodations for 7 to 10 days at a up scale Premium Hotel, Resort or Private Estate
    • Ornate Mandap
    • Limo Service
    • Elaborate Baraat Procession
    • High Quality Video and Photography
    • Live Music and Dance
    • Luxurious Floral Decorations
    • Hair, Makeup and Mehndi
    • Ornate Invitations and Prin Materials
    • Opulent Reception Lunch or Dinner for Guests


Does  the client need to supply or bring anything to the ceremony?

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We supply all the ingredients to perform the yagna itself (hutam, utensils, puja articles, havin, kund, etc ).  Beyond the ceremony itself there are many other considerations such as decorations, the mandap, flowers, garlands, accommodations, reception, etc. – all of these items are arranged for the client through our Wedding Planning and Event Coordination Services. We are happy to discuss options with you the cost.  Please contact us for more details. For the ceremony the client simply need to supply at least 2 large leis (flower garlands) for the Varmala (Exchange of Garlands) ceremony. Beautiful lies can easily be purchased once you arrive in Hawaii. However depending on the family tradition sometimes clients prefer to bring certain types of paraphernalia for use in the yagna which we are happy to include as part of the ceremony. It is entirely up to the client if they would like to bring other items. For example sometime a valuable necklace or ornaments are offered to the bride (LaajMangal Sutra); or a special bindi is placed on the brides forehead. Another example is sometime a client may like to bring special sweets for the Anna Prashanam ceremony, or they may like to use a special cloth to cover the bride before she is presented to the husband (this is done during Dwar Puja). Again, all of these are optional. If you would like us to include certain items or need further clarification about the ceremony please call @ 808-721-3424 and we’d be happy to chat with you.


Do I need to know my family lineage?

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During the marriage ceremony, at the point of kanyadana (giving away the bride by her parents) the priest chants mantras on behalf of both families. During the moment of “sankalpah” (statement of time, place and intention) he proclaims the paternal (male) lineage of both the bride and groom.  In order to perform this ritual properly we would like to gather the following information for this portion of the ceremony:

Groom’s Paternal Lineage:

Great Grandfather: ___________

Grandfather: ___________

Father: ___________

Groom: ___________

Bride’s Paternal Lineage:

Great Grandfather: ___________

Grandfather: ___________

Father: ___________

Bride: ___________

This is not absolutely required, but providing these names and their correct spelling will be very helpful.


What is the process for getting married in the State of Hawaii?

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  1. Before the ceremony you need to fill out a marriage license application from the State of Hawaii .  The State of Hawaii charges a onetime $65 filing fee.  This can be done online by clicking the following link: Marriage License Application   Important: On page 4 of the online application, at the top of the page you will see an entry for “Name of Performer” Commissioned by the State of Hawaii.  From the drop down menu select “CASTILLO, RONALD” 
  2. Then once you arrive, and before the ceremony you and your spouse need to go in person either to a license agent (follow link for a list of agents on all the Hawaiian Islands) or if you are on Oahu (Honolulu) you can go directly to the Health Dept. (Room 101 (1st floor) of the Health Department Building, 1250 Punchbowl St. (corner of Beretania and Punchbowl Streets) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m) to apply in person for the license.  Be sure to bring picture ID.
  3. After the ceremony your priest will sign and submit your license to the State of Hawaii.  You can access your certificate online within 5 days.  You will be mailed your certificated copy in about 30 days
  4. For more info on this process call 808-586-4545.  Press option #4.  You can also view the follow short video or visit State of Hawaii “Vital Records” page:


Does Hawaii require me to live or be in state for any amount of time before I get married?

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Hawaii does not require state residency or citizenship requirements and there is no waiting period required after your license has been issued.


Will I need to get blood tests performed before getting married in Hawaii?

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Hawaii does NOT require blood testing.


Does Hawaii have an age requirement to get married in the state?

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The legal age to be married in the stae of Hawaii is 18 without written consent from both parents or legal guardians. Proof of age documentation is required for those 19 and older. If you 18 or younger, please review the HI marriage licensing web site for age and documentation requirements.

 marriage certificate 

What is the difference between a Hawaii Marriage License and a Hawaii Marriage Certificate?

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Hawaii utilizes two different marriage documents serving two different purposes: The marriage license ‘permits’ you to get married in the state of Hawaii. The Hawaii marriage certificate is the document showing a legal marriage has taken place.