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Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremonies in Hawaii

We perform Vivaha Samskara (Hindu Wedding Ceremony) for couples wishing to marry according to sacred Hindu custom amid the beautiful Hawaiian islands.  Vivaha Samskara is a religious ceremony and one of the most important of the 16 Vedic Samskaras which are sacred rituals for the most important events in life. It is not only a bond between two individuals, but a bond between two families.


Marriage is a commitment between two people to live together and to share each other in good times and bad times alike.  Without this matrimonial bond life is not complete.  The institution of marriage is performed for the harmonious mental and physical union of a man and a woman and to bring up children in a happy environment. This is the creation of God. The union of men and women is the beginning of creation one’s life span.  Marriage is an extremely important event.

An Indian marriage is not only a union between the bride and groom but it is also a tie between two families for generations to come.  The marriage is performed in the presence of Agni.  the Holy fire Agni is a great protector against evil and also a messenger between God and humans.  he is an eternal witness to the marriage.  As marriage are performed according to the time, place, tradition and culture of the couple, they may differ accordingly.  however, the principal of every marriage is the same,wherever it takes place in whatever manner.

In India a number of maharisha or sages extracted mantras and /or hymns from Vedas and created various ceremonial procedures including the Ceremony of marriage.

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